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weeonion's Journal
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Wednesday, June 8th, 2005
11:39 am
off to manchester
well today we are off on a road trip to manchester to meet with gaydar. i'm very excited - one to be getting away, two to be heading closer to the sun and three to be meeting with businessmen. in my sheltered and closeeted world of the volunatry sector you forget how the lizards minds work. they are nice blokes but profit looms large. big j is driving - apparently there is a soundtrack ready. i will report back on frida ywith my tales of canal street..............
Thursday, May 26th, 2005
7:55 am
a rambling onion
another day, another early start.......... i was up from 4.22am today. i think i didnt sleep too well with the mind racing making lists of all the things i had forgotten to put into the to do list for today. unclef was too cosy to leave as he snuffled under the clean duvet - bless!
The nightmares from the previous night had left a trace and i was a bit nervous of succumbing to sleep in case the hooded Sith revisited the flat and boobytrapped me with invisible cheesewires again. thankfully no but the glasgow rain leaking through the roof gave a nice rhythmn to the night.
unclef is thinking of banning me from PG 12 movies. Hmmmm - maybe even disney is too much but all i will remind him of is - Lion KIng - nuff said!
Had a telephone session last night - surprisingly long for me given my hatred of the blasted things. spoke to F - a new perosn whom i met a few weeks ago and had a long chat with after 3 bottles of wine. cant say i remember too much of the conversation's details but i know babies featured highly - funny that whilst that was happening - unclef was also having his own epihnay with a new father we are due to hook up with on sunday. are there some forces drawing us to a point we hadnt thought of just yet?

The brother - birdman was on as well checking out the toe progress. i thought he had bought a budgie given the chirping in hte background but it was the noise of his surroundings as he pottered around. him and his new lady were about to have a meal of veggies from their garden along with a fighting cock that had wondered over to visit. country life??

I'm off to pack condoms now and lament the lack of action from our funders - no news on the money for this year and it's getting more than worrying. the powers that be upstairs are more concerned with making trips abroad than funding HIV projects at home. jack and his junkets............

Current Mood: chipper
Wednesday, May 25th, 2005
8:54 am
inaugural entry of the onion
Well, this is my first live journal entry so hello to all of you!!
I have put off doing this for a few days – but I have had my LJ mentor uncle f encouraging me every night and I doubt that I will have the same amount of time as him to put a post in regularly.

I had a great weekend – it all seems a blur. There was little chance to build up an energy reserve for the week ahead. The uncle f and I headed to see the latest star wars movie. I must admit I went with the idea of catching up on a nap in the warm dark space but with the whoops and cheers at the opening titles I found my interest caught. How strange it was to see the viewing audience mainly made up of men of a certain age. There were few women dotted around but certainly none of them had arrived in packs like the men. I think many were there like myself as support to their men. Even when uncle f was getting excited en route, I was occupied by other thoughts but I have to say – what a show! I was hooked even though I couldn’t follow the big full screen action shots. The eyes were bloodshot afterwards and I couldn’t follow the action on screen. Whither that was the symptom of a slowing brain or the fact that I tend to focus on a couple of things at a time. I even found a lump in the throat at a couple of points and no – it wasn’t at the romance bits. They actually sickened me a bit but I wont spoil anyone’s viewing - that’ll have to wait for a couple of weeks. I was more interested in women’s role and poor F had his ear bent later in the post show analysis.

I headed over to the capital on Saturday for a hen night. I usually get shivers at the very mention of those 3 words but thankfully on this occasion there was not a false veil, L-plates or blow up cock in sight. We were a little old for that caper. This is the first place I have ever been were it is custom for rthe “hen” to head out with a bucket and beg, bully or cajole innocent bystanders for money. Now I can se that years ago there might have been a reason with a bottom drawer needing lined but these days??

I think this hen night was a very special one in many ways. The hen herself was rightly the whole centre of attention and why not – she has been amazing. This is the woman who spent the last planned date of her wedding in intensive care. It was a tough time for all around and over a year later she was there at the head of the table, looking beautiful, fragile yet composed. Twas a grand night – I ended up quaffing some loud salesmen champagne in the bar and ever on the scout for new talent for our base magazine. I also believe in was dancing in mud at 4am – ahem………

I also had to make a trip to A&E yesterday morning to get my toe checked out. – it has gone through a few colour changes and has taken on different shape in the past 11 days. Limping in platforms is never a good idea. It has nothing to do with the dancing in the mud but from a former night out. I still maintain that uncle f finally took a heavy weight to me – but he denies all knowledge.
A&E – what a joy of an experience. It was lively place to say the least and I couldn’t fathom why everyone there had to bring a full hoard of supporters. I brought a couple of books and bidded my time. There didn’t seem to many others doing the same. They tended to be hanging round the door way smoking whilst waiting for their turn.

I wanted to bring the x-ray home with me – a nice addition to the collection of photos of uncle f and I in various states of intoxication over the years. A chance to see the inside as well as the out! It actually made me laugh to think I have been trucking around on it for a week and half on a knackered foot. I even had the pedometer on for a few days – trying to notch up over the 10 thousand requisite steps. Maybe I shall play at being lady leisure for a couple of days though I wound Uncle F up by suggesting that I would be up doing some cupboard painting yesterday afternoon – how I love to hear his outcries of indignation!
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